Wernicke's area

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Wer·nick·e's area

 (vĕr′nĭ-kēz, -kəz)
An area in the posterior left hemisphere of the brain cortex at the sylvian fissure that is important for language comprehension and speech.

[After Karl Wernicke (1848-1905), German neurologist.]
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Noun1.Wernicke's area - the auditory word center; located in the posterior part of the superior temporal convolution in most people
nerve center, nerve centre, center, centre - a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process; "in most people the speech center is in the left hemisphere"
language area, language zone - a large cortical area (in the left hemisphere in most people) containing all the centers associated with language
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Correlation was computed in specific regions of interest (ROI), involved in the auditory and Wernicke's area (BA22, BA41, and BA42), as well as in brain areas related to multimodal integration, such as the superior temporal sulcus (STS), the middle intraparietal sulcus (IT), and the insula.
P1 with a tumor in Wernicke's area appeared to have intact cognition, apart from a temporary clinical memory deficit at 6 weeks postoperatively.
Regarding the age of acquisition, a spatially segregated region was found activated in Broca's area but not Wernicke's area in late L2 learners during L1 and L2 reading, whereas this phenomenon was not observed in early L2 learners; they shared a substantially overlapped region (both Broca's area and Wernicke's area) during L1 and L2 reading [12].
One of his patients, a painter aged 26, suffering from schizophrenia and auditory and visual hallucinations, who painted a nose and a mosquito in a corner of all his paintings, Burckhardt excised 4.6 g of cortical tissue from portions from Wernicke's area (the posterior half of the first and second temporal circonvolution from the left hemisphere) in a surgical procedure, performed on 5 June 1889, which lasted approximately 4 hours.
Aphasia centered in Wernicke's area can result in meaningless sentences, but these patients are able to recall lyrics of songs.
* In a typical brain, Wernicke's Area acts as a giant warehouse for speech sounds and their links to meaningful vocabulary.
Consequently, two different systems can be distinguished in Wernicke's area: dorsal and ventral.
A quantitative dendritic analysis of Wernicke's area in humans.
Generally, verbal fluency paradigms require expressive language and secondarily, language comprehension and therefore activations are noted in Broca's areas and Wernicke's area in the dominant hemisphere, in addition to pre-motor cortex, posterior fusiform gyrus, middle temporal gyrus and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.
For example, Wernicke's area (in the upper part of the left temporal lobe, close to the primary auditory area) is the zone of phonological recognition.
Then the brain was envisioned as a hard-wired entity with distinct areas named and claimed like colonial territories--Broca's Area, Primary Motor Cortex, Wernicke's Area and so on.
It has been thought since the time of both Broca and Wernicke that there exists a high decree of localization of function with an area anterior to the Sylvian fissure of the temporal lobes being responsible for expressive language and Wernicke's area responsible for comprehension.