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A river rising in central Germany and flowing about 290 km (180 mi) generally northward to join the Fulda River and form the Weser.
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Having also previously performed alongside top Congolese musicians such as Werra Son and crooner Ferre Gola, their influence is evident in his singing style.
See NIMMER & DODD, supra note 19, [section][section] 1:1-1:10; Jacques De Werra, The Need to Harmonize Intellectual Property Licensing Law: A European Perspective, in RESEARCH HANDBOOK IN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LICENSING 450 (Jacques De Werra ed., 2013) (describing this confluence).
Traditionally four carbonate/claystone-evaporite cycles have been described in Germany, known as the Werra (Z1), Stassfurt (Z2), Leine (Z3), and Aller (Z4) Series.
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Nurudeen Werra, of Redcap Croft, Holbrooks, avoided PS11,000 of charges by setting up the elaborate scam using the so-called SmartStamp system.
The plants affected are RKW Werra in Philippsthal, Germany, which legally belongs to RKW Agri GmbH & Co.
A far from humble Luftwaffe pilot named Franz Xaver Baron von Werra escaped across the St.
Other task force members include two Deutsche Marine (German Navy) warships, the 'Brandenburg' class frigate Schleswig-Holstein and the 'Elbe' class underway replenishment ship Werra. Other assets include an Aeronavale (French Naval Aviation) Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) in the shape of a Dassault Aviation Falcon-50M which joined operations on 3 July.