Wesleyan Methodist Church

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Noun1.Wesleyan Methodist Church - the original Methodist ChurchWesleyan Methodist Church - the original Methodist Church  
Methodist denomination - group of Methodist congregations
Wesleyan - a follower of Wesleyanism
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Other buildings include Lindley Wesleyan Methodist Church, Briarcourt, Lindley Gatehouse, Banney Royd Hall and Azo House, on Birkby Lodge Road.
Mr and Mrs Bertie Marvin, 13 Oxley Close, explained: "We were married at field Street Wesleyan methodist Church and at the time it was law that a wedding could not take place after 3pm, said Mr Marvin.
"None of us have been personally damaged by what Steve Smith and David Warner have done but they represent Australia so we feel it's personal," Everton Hills Wesleyan Methodist Church pastor Nathan Bell told Reuters.
The mutual provides niche financial services to professionals such as doctors and dentists and has stayed dedicated to Birmingham, the city where members of the Wesleyan Methodist Church gathered in 1841 to create the Wesleyan Provident Assurance Society.
Erdington Court Bowls Club forms part of the Erdington Recreational Trust, a charity established by Erdington Wesleyan Methodist Church at the beginning of the 20th century and which still continues today.
Members of the young boys' |class at North Ormesby's King's Road Wesleyan Methodist Church are shown, top, with their leader Mr Ted Lambert around 1910-11.
"You can also see the Roath Road Wesleyan Methodist Church on the left-hand side of the image, which was there until the mid-1950s and has since been replaced by East Gate House, where I used to work when it was a call centre back in the late 1990s, then known as Heron House.
The setting remained unknown until a review of the image abetted by more recent research proved the location was Frankford, Ontario, and the building was the former 1853 Wesleyan Methodist Church. Collection of Peter W.
Albert Road Methodist Church was originally built in 1907 as a Wesleyan Methodist church, designed by Cardiff-based architect Henry Budgen.
The cemetery property was donated by Harwood to a trust in 1853, adjacent to land he had earlier donated for the Wesleyan Methodist church. The Aray family is buried there as well as the Harwoods, making it one of the first integrated cemeteries in Michigan.
Further, Alexander suggests that the important early Pentecostal leader Frank Bartleman, an articulate opponent of Christian participation in war, may have drawn his antiwar critique from his roots in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, a Holiness denomination with a strong peace tradition.