Wesleyan Methodists

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Noun1.Wesleyan Methodists - the original Methodist ChurchWesleyan Methodists - the original Methodist Church  
Methodist denomination - group of Methodist congregations
Wesleyan - a follower of Wesleyanism
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In the decade prior, a fine looking chapel was constructed by Wesleyan Methodists in Elbow Lane.
Wesleyan Methodists required large chapels and hundreds were built.
Various groups which had separated from the Wesleyan Methodists following the death of John Wesley decided to join the parent body in the Methodist Union of 1932 to be known simply as the Methodist Church.
The Annibynwyr account for 35,754, Presbyterians 34,819, and Wesleyan Methodists 16,967.
From unassuming beginnings in the 1760s, Wesleyan Methodists had achieved many successes in America by the close of the eighteenth century.
Wesleyan Methodists. Seek birth records for Charles.