West Berlin

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West Berlin

See Berlin.

West Berliner n.
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West Berlin

(Placename) (formerly) the part of Berlin under US, British, and French control
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1. Irving, 1888–1989, U.S. songwriter.
2. Isaiah, 1909–97, British philosopher and scholar, born in Russia.
3. the capital of Germany, in the NE part: constitutes a state. 3,472,009; 341 sq. mi. (883 sq. km). Formerly (1948–90) divided into a western zone (West Berlin), a part of West Germany; and an eastern zone (East Berlin), the capital of East Germany.
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Noun1.West Berlin - the part of Berlin under United States and British and French control until 1989
Berlin, German capital - capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
West Berliner - an inhabitant of West Berlin
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West Berlin Mayor Ernst Reuter had pleaded earlier in September: "People of this world look upon this city and see that you should not and cannot abandon this city and this people."
The Berlin Wall Trail runs along the former location of the Zollweg, where West Berlin customs officers in West Berlin used to do border controls, or the Kolonnenweg, which was the road used by East German border troops for their own surveillance.
In 1964 the twenty-two-year-old Block, waiter by day and gallerist by night, transformed a small cellar in West Berlin's district of Schoneberg into Galerie Rene Block, a pivotal platform for some of the most experimental art in West Germany.
The latter pair was in West Berlin when the barrier went up.
For nearly a year, in 1980, I lived in West Berlin. I used to walk along the wall, looking across at those who lived on the other side and feel compassion for the East Berliners.
The photographs and their captions, along with a limited narrative, tell the story of the western allies' ability to disrupt the Soviet Union's effort to enforce an overland blockade of West Berlin from the summer of 1948 to the spring of 1949.
IN 1978 Nelly Senff and her son Alexej escape from East Germany to West Berlin to start a new life in this slow-burning drama.
It began as a barbed wire and cinder block wall and was then fortified as a heavily guarded 160 km (100-mile) white concrete barrier that encircled West Berlin.
9, 1989, heralding not just the reunification of East and West Berlin, and East and West Germany, but the eventual fall of the USSR and the Iron Curtain.
On Sunday, 9 November, the date when East Germans were first allowed to freely walk into West Berlin, the balloons will soar into the sky.
The concrete and barbed wire structure, reaching up to 15 feet in some areas, ran for 96 miles, cutting off Communist East Berlin from West Berlin and the rest of democratic Europe for nearly three decades.
EVENTS 1961: 'e border between East and West Berlin was sealed overnight by barbed wire fences erected by East German soldiers, cutting o an escape route to the West.

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