West Berliner

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West Berlin

See Berlin.

West Berliner n.

West Berliner

(Placename) a native or inhabitant of the part of Berlin formerly under US, British, and French control
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Noun1.West Berliner - an inhabitant of West Berlin
West Berlin - the part of Berlin under United States and British and French control until 1989
Berliner - an inhabitant of Berlin
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"I was an East Berliner / who did not believe in the East, / she was a West Berliner / who did not believe in the West, // We defined democracy / only in the most caustic forms of self-critique."
Sabine Zolchow beschreibt auf geradezu sezierende Weise wie die Ost- und West Berliner Theaterlandschaft nach der Wende Stuck fur Stuck beschnitten, dezimiert, fusioniert und zusammengespart wurde (55-79).
At least this overcrowded and overpriced restaurant, with its cheap and charmingly outdated notions of glamour, was modeled on the West Berliner old-school chic of the cold-war days and was reminiscent of documentaries of Berlinale openings.
In November 1989 East Germans flooded the border, and joined by West Berliners on the other side, tore the wall apart with whatever tools they could find.
East and West Berliners flocked to the wall chanting 'Open the gate!'.
1963 - Berlin Wall opens for the first time to West Berliners for a day.
I wonder if the day will come again when Westerners challenge governments, in countries where citizens have the freedom of speech to do so, demanding, as did US President Ronald Reagan, that they "tear down this wall!" I learned from my time in West Berlin that West Berliners perceived the so-called island as the last bastion of Western values.
The trip gave the students a picture of the prosperous West Berliners contrasted with the grim lives of those in communist East Berlin.
Images of young East Berliners climbing the wall, smashing the bricks and crossing the border unmolested, greeted by cheering West Berliners, remain among network TV's iconic visuals.
And the building of the barrier in the dead of night was shrouded in such secrecy, many West Berliners found themselves on the wrong side as they tried to made their journeys home.

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