West Irian

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West Irian

(Placename) a former English name for Papua2
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I•ri•an Ja•ya

(ˈɪər iˌɑn ˈdʒɑ yɑ)
a province of Indonesia in the W part of the island of New Guinea: a Dutch territory until 1963. 1,173,875; ab. 159,000 sq. mi. (411,810 sq. km). Cap.: Jayapura. Also called West Irian. Formerly, Netherlands New Guinea , Dutch New Guinea.
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Amid the turmoil of the West Irian crisis, which had Dutch warships cruising Indonesian waters, the Djuanda cabinet issued a declaration based on Mochtar's vision of Indonesia as an archipelagic state with absolute sovereignty over its territorial waters.
The next UN mission the Pakistan Army undertook was the West Irian (West New Guinea) conflict, which occurred between Indonesia and the Netherlands in 1962.
It was agreed in the UN that Holland would hand over control of West Irian to the UN by 1 Oct 1962, prior to its take over by Indonesia for subsequent plebiscite.
Mountainous terrain persists into Papua (West Irian), the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea in the east, and in the central parts of Kalimantan on the island of Borneo and in Sulawesi.
Prabowo married Suharto's daughter in 1983, and served as a special forces commander trying to eliminate resistance fighters in Indonesian-occupied East Timor and separatists in West Irian.
There is the interference of active aggression, which may be a military invasion or other kinds of aggression and there is the other type of interference--it might be called internal interference." (14) At the conference on 22 April, Nehru recognized several forms of intervention: (1) pressure from great powers on other states to change their vote on West Irian in the UN; (2) subversion and infiltration; and (3) interference in the political, social, and economic affairs of another country.
President Soekarno of Indonesia paid tribute to Pakistani troops deployed in West Irian in these words "It was because of Pakistani troops that Indonesia and Pakistan came close together, they were Pakistan's best ambassadors".
Jakarta, Dec 5(ANI): Two moderate earthquakes hit West Irian Region and Banda Sea in Indonesia on December 5.
In 1962 the Dutch, under US pressure, disastrously agreed to hand over West Irian to Indonesia, forlornly hoping to sate the expansionist ambitions Soekarno was later to develop more fully during his confrontasi period.
On 11 January 1965, the UNHCR's representative for Australia and New Zealand, Alexander McIver, sent a cutting from Sydney's Daily Telegraph about Indonesian repression in West Irian to Paul Weis, the UNHCR's Geneva-based legal adviser, seeking his comments "on the position of the Branch Office and the legal status of the refugees, assuming that a major refugee problem did develop in this immediate area." (21) Until then, McIver had shown no obvious interest in issues of political asylum generally or in the refugee flow into Papua and New Guinea in particular, although he must have been aware of the latter.
Because of government-sponsored migration and "spontaneous" migration, Papuans now comprise only 40 percent of the population in the so-called "West Irian Jaya" Province.
On Tuesday, in a state of the nation address to commemorate the country's 60th Independence Day, Yudhoyono vowed to keep Papua, which has been divided into two provinces -- West Irian Jaya and Papua -- within Indonesia.

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