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Opsoclonus persisting during sleep in West Nile encephalitis.
In the summer of 1999--the hottest and driest in a century--62 cases of West Nile encephalitis were reported in New York, and seven people died (see "Beyond the Bite," Your Health, November/December 2003).
Evidence of West Nile encephalitis virus infection has been documented in most states of the continental United States within a short period of its first introduction in 1999.
Epidemic West Nile encephalitis, New York, 1999: Results of a household-based seroepidemiological survey Lancet.
West Nile encephalitis is making its way to Texan waterways.
The West Nile encephalitis outbreak in New York late last summer demonstrated that unusual diseases can flourish, and humans can die given the right conditions.
Scientists cross species barriers to diagnose West Nile encephalitis
Hawaii Biotech develops state-of-the-art recombinant vaccines for common, deadly and incurable infectious diseases such as Influenza, West Nile encephalitis, and Dengue Fever.
Most recently, in a review of 221 persons hospitalized with WNV infection, West Nile encephalitis was 4 times more likely to develop in patients with diabetes (8).