West Nile virus

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West Nile virus

A flavivirus that is transmitted by the bite of a culex mosquito and that can cause mild febrile illness as well as severe, sometimes fatal encephalitis and meningitis.

[After the West Nile District of Uganda, where the virus was first isolated in 1937.]
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Noun1.West Nile Virus - the flavivirus that causes West Nile encephalitisWest Nile virus - the flavivirus that causes West Nile encephalitis
flavivirus - animal viruses belonging to the family Flaviviridae

West Nile Virus

n. Virus del Nilo Occidental, enfermedad causada por la picadura de un mosquito infectado por un pájaro. Es una epidemia que se manifiesta durante el verano gen. en América del Norte. Síntomas severos incluyen fiebre alta, dolor de cabeza, cuello rígido, desorientación, temblores, convulsiones, alguna pérdida de la visión, entumecimiento y parálisis; un 20% de las personas infectadas sufren síntomas benignos.
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WORCESTER - A 48-year-old city woman has contracted West Nile virus in the first diagnosed case of the mosquito-borne disease in the city, according to James G.
As of mid-May, California had yet to report any human cases of the virus, but health officials reported that mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus are breeding earlier this year because of warmer weather.
It takes a while to see how this hot weather is going to affect the West Nile virus infections,'' said Michelle Mussuto, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Health Services, who noted that infections have tended to peak in August and September.
Two linked cases of West Nile virus (WNV) acquired by Irish tourists in the Algarve, Portugal.
Congenital infection does occur, but the proportion of infected pregnant women who transmit West Nile virus to their fetuses is unknown and the effects of the virus on the fetus are unclear, Dr.
West Nile virus has caused fatal encephalitis in people during recent U.
As the West Nile Virus spreads across the country, more municipalities and property owners may be inclined to spray pesticides and herbicides to control mosquitoes.
Individuals should enjoy the outdoors, but use personal safety precautions to prevent the spread of West Nile Virus and other diseases," said Dr.
West Nile virus is spread by mosquitoes, which feed on the blood of infected birds and then pass it on to humans or other animals.
West Nile virus in Mexico: evidence of widespread circulation since July 2002.
West Nile virus transmission has also been linked to breast-feeding, but children are less likely than older adults to get sick from the virus (http://sciencenews.
At that time, four cases of encephalitis attributed to West Nile virus infections had been reported in Florida, and one West Nile-related death had occurred in Georgia.

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