West Nile virus

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West Nile virus

A flavivirus that is transmitted by the bite of a culex mosquito and that can cause mild febrile illness as well as severe, sometimes fatal encephalitis and meningitis.

[After the West Nile District of Uganda, where the virus was first isolated in 1937.]
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Noun1.West Nile Virus - the flavivirus that causes West Nile encephalitisWest Nile virus - the flavivirus that causes West Nile encephalitis
flavivirus - animal viruses belonging to the family Flaviviridae

West Nile Virus

n. Virus del Nilo Occidental, enfermedad causada por la picadura de un mosquito infectado por un pájaro. Es una epidemia que se manifiesta durante el verano gen. en América del Norte. Síntomas severos incluyen fiebre alta, dolor de cabeza, cuello rígido, desorientación, temblores, convulsiones, alguna pérdida de la visión, entumecimiento y parálisis; un 20% de las personas infectadas sufren síntomas benignos.
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While the risk of becoming infected with West Nile Virus in Toronto is low, now is a good time to remind residents of the ways they can protect themselves from mosquito bites and help reduce the risk of infection," said Dr.
Six people in Long Island, New York, have been infected with West Nile virus, with three in Nassau County and three in Suffolk County, health officials reported on Monday.
The therapeutics, known as monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and their derivatives, were shown to neutralize and protect mice against a lethal dose challenge of West Nile virus -- even as late as 4 days after the initial infection.
The 2005 West Nile virus outbreak in Sacramento County had a total local economic impact of almost $3 million, the majority of which was linked to medical care, according to a study in the March issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases.
West Nile virus is most commonly transmitted to humans by the bite of a mosquito infected with the virus.
Since West Nile virus (WNV) was detected in the Western Hemisphere in 1999 (1), the National Service of Animal Health (SENASA) has restricted the entry of WNV-susceptible species into the country, and the National Reference Center for Dengue and Arboviral Diagnosis of Argentina, Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Virales Humanas (INEVH "Dr.
As of Wednesday, state health officials have confirmed 60 human cases of West Nile virus this year, said Dr.
A west Palmdale resident found the dead bird near 30th Street West and Avenue P and reported it over the state's telephone hotline for the West Nile virus, which is spread by mosquitoes that bite infected birds.
West Nile virus is most dangerous to elderly people and others who have compromised immune systems.
The Procleix West Nile Virus Assay has been used on an investigational basis to screen more than 29 million units of blood since June 2003.
Persons who are at increased risk for symptom exacerbation from pesticide spraying such as that used for West Nile virus control include individuals with migraines, chronic sinus problems, asthma, reactive airway disease, autoimmune diseases (many of which are exacerbated by pesticide exposure), and conventional allergies (Kipen et al.
And like most viruses, the West Nile virus is a parasite (organism or nonliving particle that feeds off another organism); it can't unleash its damage until it finds a host (organism in or on which a virus or another organism lives or feeds).

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