West Slavic

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West Slavic

A subdivision of the Slavic languages that includes Czech, Polish, Slovak, and Sorbian.

West′ Slav′ic

the branch of Slavic that includes Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian.
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The volumes are organized thematically and geographically (general, Slavic, South Slavic, West Slavic, and East Slavic).
The Sorbians are a West Slavic people speaking a language akin to Polish and Czech, and in addition to a fascinating linguistic evolution, an understudied cultural formation and (re)awakening, and a precarious existence as a minority under various German political systems, they also have a worthy bilingual (if late-blooming) literary tradition.
In this language [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (celjade) means 'human creature' (usually 'young'), while the collective [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (celjad) shares the meaning 'house servants, inmates' or 'family' with the corresponding nouns in West Slavic languages.
Your subsequent work, in addition, reflects an interest in Ruthenian and West Slavic cultures, and you were also director of Dumbarton Oaks, which drew you into Byzantine studies.

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