Siegfried line

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Siegfried line

(Military) the line of fortifications built by the Germans prior to and during World War II opposite the Maginot line in France
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Sieg′fried line`

a zone of fortifications in W Germany facing the Maginot line, erected before World War II.
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Noun1.Siegfried line - German fortifications facing the Maginot LineSiegfried line - German fortifications facing the Maginot Line
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
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When we clambered to our feet, we saw a large section of the west wall torn and shattered.
"I will go to the west wall," Kaa whispered, "and come down swiftly with the slope of the ground in my favor.
"Good hunting," said Kaa grimly, and glided away to the west wall. That happened to be the least ruined of any, and the big snake was delayed awhile before he could find a way up the stones.
Kaa had only just worked his way over the west wall, landing with a wrench that dislodged a coping stone into the ditch.
Moreover, an offering list was depicted on the east wall and the palace-facade on the west wall. Khuwy tomb houses as well another room that contains the remains of a completely destroyed coffin that was made of white limestone.
And then, for a brief moment, when the angle of sunlight was just right, I saw what I was looking for: a puffy, green and tan ribbon of water along the western shore, indicating the continuous bed of seagrass stretching 10 miles south to Cape Haze, the bottom of Charlotte Harbor--my personal Shangri La, better known as Charlotte Harbor's west wall.
The Strawberry Pub opened in 1859, Close to Newcastles west wall, below the skyline.
The mystery of the absence of the west wall was solved when the research team identified on the south section of the mound that had covered the building a man-made cutting terminating where the west wall was meant to be.
Chapter II presents the raison-d'etre of the volume, which is to determine the cultic character as well as importance of the (sub)themes on the tomb's false door and west wall especially, whether these were subject to chronological developments, and what such changes indicate about the on-going provisioning of the deceased's ka by the individuals tasked with this responsibility.
A neighbor noticed a hole in the west wall of her living room after returning home from work about 4 p.m.
New York-based Beau Stanton, on west wall of McDonald Theater, 1010 Willamette St.
Always being fiscally responsible, the rebuild shored up a structural deficit in the west wall, replaced windows and doors with recycled ones from an old courthouse in Calgary, installed flooring from elm trees that had succumbed to disease (which does not spread the contagion) and put in geothermal heat.

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