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1. Situated toward the west.
2. Coming or being from the west: westerly winds.
n. pl. west·er·lies
A storm or wind coming from the west.

[Middle English, from wester, western, from Old English westra; see wes-pero- in Indo-European roots.]

west′er·ly adv.
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pl n
(Physical Geography) meteorol the prevailing winds blowing from the west on the poleward sides of the horse latitudes, often bringing depressions and anticyclones
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The effects of rain will be felt over most of Oman.'He added that Oman usually 'gets rain from the tropical cyclones which is also rare and from the westerlies that occur during winters.
These stronger westerlies have increased the amount of upwelling around Antarctica, enabling the Southern Ocean to absorb additional C[O.sub.2] and heat, which has helped slow the rate of global warming.