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Noun1.Western culture - the modern culture of western Europe and North America; "when Ghandi was asked what he thought of Western civilization he said he thought it would be a good idea"
culture, civilisation, civilization - a particular society at a particular time and place; "early Mayan civilization"
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She had transmuted Western culture and achievement into terms that were intelligible to the Chinese understanding.
Arab youth are highly exposed to the Western culture and media, which makes them try to mix between the two cultures, the Arab and Western cultures.
Western cultures are more driven by an urge to maximize happiness and minimize sadness.
Scholars interested in Western cultures will not need Hsiung to convince them that childhood is not a "modern" historical phenomenon.
Dating as it is understood in Western cultures is foreign to Muslims.
The New Jersey-based company combines American modern dance with Asian art forms, attempting to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures.
Globalization, he writes, has fed revolts and is one of the factors behind the surge in terrorism against Western cultures.
Using a literary form found in both Eastern and Western cultures from the very beginnings of recorded history, author John King presents down-to-earth insights on a host of everyday subjects drawn from such personal qualities as ambition, character, ideas, and lifestyles, and public venues such as economics, history, the media, and politics.
He explores the morality, politics and social order of eastern and western cultures as music and visuals help document the events of time.
The Golden Chain is informed and informative reading which is most especially commended to the attention of philosophy students and the non-specialist general reader with an interest in how philosophy can free us from the chains of desire driven materialism and the rationalized hubris that is such a hallmark of contemporary western cultures.
1) As well as adding a complexity not often seen in wainscot fantasy to the narrative of the Harry Potter series, and tying it firmly to its generic roots, the location of this high fantasy scenario within the structure of a wainscot fantasy allows Rowling to expand the genre fantasy's abstract exploration of imaginative paradigms into a more complex examination of the positions those paradigms hold in modern Western cultures.
Without putting too simple a label on the situation, it can be argued that this admixture of eastern and western cultures bestowed unique qualities on the Goan people.

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