Western saddle

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western saddle

A large, heavy, often ornamented saddle with a raised curved pommel originally used on cattle ranches in the western and southwestern United States. Also called stock saddle.

West′ern sad′dle

a heavy saddle having a deep seat, high cantle and pommel, pommel horn, wide leather flaps for protecting the rider's legs, and little padding..
[1910–15, Amer.]
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Noun1.Western saddle - an ornamented saddle used by cowboysWestern saddle - an ornamented saddle used by cowboys; has a high horn to hold the lariat
saddle horn, horn - a high pommel of a Western saddle (usually metal covered with leather)
saddle - a seat for the rider of a horse or camel
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Brady Bergin, author and award-winning Hawaiian and western saddle maker Pete Gorrell, popular host of RFD TV's The Horse Show, Rick Lamb, renowned equine behaviorist, author and lecturer Dr.
She is riding on a hide covered Native saddle, not a western saddle, including the hide covered stirrups which are Native style.
The National Endowment for the Arts, which awards only a few National Heritage Fellowships each year, has honored western saddle maker Duff Severe (1982), Mexican-American corona maker Genoveva Castellanoz (1987), Ghanaian-American drummer Obo Addy (1996), Irish fiddler Kevin Burke (2002), Chinese rod puppeteers Yuqin Wang and Zhengli Xu (2004) and Wasco wapaas (sally bag) weaver Pat Courtney Gold (2007).
Reining is a western saddle sport that exemplifies the partnership between horse and rider and the incredible speed and athleticism of the American Quarter Horse.
SADDLE EUR29,000-EUR44,000 This western saddle was custom-made for Wayne in the mid-1960s and was embroidered with the superstar's initials.
Forced padlock on shed in rear garden of dwelling to gain entry and stole western saddle light tan in colour and Wintec 200 suede saddle.
The horse riding property stolen included: a tan coloured brand-new Winteck western saddle complete stirrups, leathers, saddle pad, girth and irons; a brown leather English saddle, a black English general purpose saddle and a black endurance saddle; three rugs, a rare vintage US Cavalry saddle (circa 1904) and dozens of English bridles in brown, black and tan.
A horse with a western saddle & leather straps,
He capitalised on the experience he gained in the United States where he learned about Western saddle making and hand tooling leather.
Hyland and Hickling detail the later medieval war saddle and its development, in one case becoming the Western saddle of the eighteenth-century American Plains, via the Spanish conquistadors.
Being wheel-chair-bound had made it difficult for him to spread his legs enough to sit on a saddle, so we started him off with a bareback pad, moved on to an English saddle, then to an Aussie saddle, and finally to the western saddle that was so familiar to him.
Throughout the house are mementos of past challenges, such as bowling trophies and the magnificent, hand-tooled Western saddle which Piper crafted.

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