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n. Informal
A West Highland white terrier.


1. (Peoples) NZ a young working-class person from the western suburbs of Sydney
2. (Peoples) Austral a young working-class person from the western suburbs of Auckland


(Breeds) informal a West Highland terrier

West` High′land white′ ter′rier

one of a Scottish breed of small compact terriers with a hard, straight white coat and erect ears and tail.
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SAM the Westie faces a return to death row today, only days after getting a reprieve.
Owner William Shaw had failed to comply with a court order to keep the Westie quiet.
Q My seven-month-old Westie won't let anyone enter our hall without barking and attacking the door.
Q My three-year-old Westie is a nightmare when we have visitors, barking and jumping all over them.
Q We have a five-year-old Westie who has suffered from dry skin and eczema since he was a pup.
Westie still recalls the match in 1980 he donned the Jambos No.
Q When we leave our Westie alone in the back garden, he seems hyperactive and constantly sniffs the grass, going round in circles.
Now Westie, who rejoined Dunfermline two years ago, returns to Brockville on cup duty on Saturday - and he knows he's in for a hot reception.
Westie, the chatbot dog, has been launched to help prospective students apply successfully and enrol at the University of the West of Scotland.
Tribute At the Westie sculpture are Ewen Cameron's son Angus with wife Ollie (centre) and Kim Proven
He has apparently never heard the saying "They fight like cat and dog" because he seems to have no idea that he's meant to be mortal enemies with Peggy the Westie, instead of BFFs who hang out together 24/7.
Sarah, 23, from Marley Hill, took the top spot with her sixyear-old Westphalian, Westie, after winning the Novice 38 class on both days.

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