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n. Informal
A West Highland white terrier.


1. (Peoples) NZ a young working-class person from the western suburbs of Sydney
2. (Peoples) Austral a young working-class person from the western suburbs of Auckland


(Breeds) informal a West Highland terrier

West` High′land white′ ter′rier

one of a Scottish breed of small compact terriers with a hard, straight white coat and erect ears and tail.
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Set in 1970s Hell's Kitchen and thinly based on the notorious Irish crime gang the Westies, "The Kitchen" resuscitates the grimy, trash-strewn dead-end-ness of Manhattan during that era.
"I know that a lot of people have Westies in the region and I thought it would be a good idea to see if there was any interest from them in getting together for a good walk.
The art work - Ewen, Westies of Craggan - is named in honour of the late Ewen Cameron OBE.
Owner's story: "I love Westies, I just think they are the most cute and loving dogs ever.
WHEN Tom Mather lost his two Westies he bought two puppies, pictured, to fill the void.
My two Westies, Lily and Rose are also Geordies and were clapping their paws with excitement when they heard the news!" Sue Fowler: "Congratulations Marie.
Specializing in family friendly small breeds: Maltese, Poodles, Westies and Papillion puppies.
"As soon as it as saw my wee Westies, it went ballistic.
MENTION the Westies and most people think of the infamous Dublin crime gang, coked-up scumbags behind a bloody reign of terror.
The Westie Foundation of America (WFA) shared its preliminary findings in two major studies involving the health of West Highland White Terriers (also known as Westies).
The bodies of the Westies gang leaders Shane Coates and Stephen Sugg were found in a concrete tomb in Alicante in 2006.

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