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 (wĕs′tĭng-hous′), George 1846-1914.
American engineer and manufacturer who invented the railroad air brake (1869) and developed a practical method for transmitting electric power. He founded the Westinghouse Electric Company in 1886.
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(ˈwɛs tɪŋˌhaʊs)

George, 1846–1914, U.S. inventor and manufacturer.
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Noun1.Westinghouse - United States inventor and manufacturer (1846-1914)Westinghouse - United States inventor and manufacturer (1846-1914)
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By the reception that the public gave to his telephone, he learned to sympathize with Howe, whose first sewing-machine was smashed by a Boston mob; with McCormick, whose first reaper was called "a cross between an Astley chariot, a wheelbarrow, and a flying- machine"; with Morse, whom ten Congresses regarded as a nuisance; with Cyrus Field, whose Atlantic Cable was denounced as "a mad freak of stubborn ignorance"; and with Westinghouse, who was called a fool for proposing "to stop a railroad train with wind."
In this role, Choho will lead Westinghouse's customer-focused business unit, serving the existing nuclear operating fleet customers within the region.
Analysts predict Westinghouse Air Brake will report earnings of 98 cents per share on revenue of $2.23 billion.
Westinghouse said bringing NA Engineering Associates into its portfolio further diversifies engineering capabilities in the energy and infrastructure industries and provides a platform to enable further growth.
"Westinghouse has no legal claim to this equipment," J.
A publicly-traded arm of Brookfield Asset Management, the company announced that it had acquired 100 per cent of the Cranberry Township-based Westinghouse in a deal that had been announced on January 4.
Earlier this year, Kazatomprom exercised its rights under the put option, and received a payment of $ 522 million for its shares in Westinghouse on December 25.
The agreement has been approved by the United States Department of Energy and affirms the value of Toshiba's guarantee at USD3.68bn, offering additional protections for Georgia electric customers following Westinghouse's March bankruptcy.
Quoting sources, Bloomberg said Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross are involved in the effort to find a buyer for Westinghouse's money-losing reactor construction business and address a sale to keep the Chinese from acquiring technological secrets.
Bankruptcy will allow Pittsburgh-based Westinghouse, once central to Toshiba's diversification push, to renegotiate or even break its construction contracts, though the utilities that own the projects could seek damages.
In December 1992, then President Fidel Ramos rejected Westinghouse's 'final offer' to pay $100 million in cash and credits, upgrade the plant and operate it for 30 years for $40 million a year in exchange for the government dropping the bribery case.

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