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 (wĕs′tən), Edward 1886-1958.
American photographer noted for his stark, analytical images of landscapes and nudes.


(ˈwɛs tən)

Edward, 1886–1958, U.S. photographer.
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Noun1.Weston - United States photographer(1886-1958)Weston - United States photographer(1886-1958)
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Weston named an hour in the morning at which he would endeavour, to be there.
Weston offered me the benefit of his, and I could not have refused it more than I did without offending him,' replied I, smiling placidly; for my inward happiness made that amusing, which would have wounded me at another time.
Weston to be one of your victims,' said I, with affected indifference, 'you will have to make such overtures yourself that you will find it difficult to draw back when he asks you to fulfil the expectations you have raised.
Weston proposed to come to the porter's lodge; and remembering that, I beheld the whole contrivance.
Weston was a man of unexceptionable character, easy fortune, suitable age, and pleasant manners; and there was some satisfaction in considering with what selfdenying, generous friendship she had always wished and promoted the match; but it was a black morning's work for her.
Weston, only half a mile from them, and a Miss Taylor in the house; and with all her advantages, natural and domestic, she was now in great danger of suffering from intellectual solitude.
Weston is such a goodhumoured, pleasant, excellent man, that he thoroughly deserves a good wife;and you would not have had Miss Taylor live with us for ever, and bear all my odd humours, when she might have a house of her own?
Weston would never marry again, may comfort me for any thing.
The last adieus were hastily exchanged, and Anna Miller was handed into her father's gig by Charles Weston in profound silence.
Charles Weston was a distant relative of the good aunt, and was, like Julia, an orphan, who was moderately endowed with the goods of fortune.
Whatever might be the composure of the maiden aunt, while Julia was weeping in her chamber over the long separation that was now to exist between herself and her friend, young Weston by no means displayed the same philosophic indifference.
exclaimed Charles Weston, who had laid aside his book to listen to this conversation.