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The exhibition also features the world's first Wetbike. This forerunner of the jet ski, which appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me, features a 50bhp two-stroke Suzuki engine that delivers 5001b of thrust.
He'll be on a Wetbike flying across some lake at 40 mph.
I found a YouTube video of the Wetbike and said, `I've got to have one.' I tracked it down and bought the first one I found."
"Anybody who has a Wetbike most of the time has a Surfjet somewhere," he said.
CUTLINE: (1) Tim Wolcott rides his restored Wetbike on Pierpoint Meadow Pond in Dudley.
The 25-year-old Charlton resident works at Spencer Auto Body in Spencer repairing cars damaged in collisions, but when he goes home, he tinkers with contraptions most people have never seen before, including Wetbikes.
Tim said he got involved with Wetbikes after buying a stand-up Jet Ski in 2007.
But it was not until the invention or development of the jet-ski (or wetbike) in the 1970s and the four-wheel Quadbike in the mid-8os and their subsequent introduction to Britain's remoter spots that the threats they posed became apparent.
I turned up at Channel View slipway, Grangetown, recently to launch my Suzuki wetbike and was told that this type of craft was banned from the Bay waters.
I WRITE regarding the use of wetbikes and similar personal watercraft in Cardiff Bay (Viewpoints, August 13).
I was told by the Harbour Authority that jet-skis and wetbikes were not allowed in the Bay.
We locals who paid for the barrage to be built and are now paying for its upkeep are not allowed to launch our jet-skis and wetbikes, yet outsiders can when it suits the Harbour Authority.