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also wet suit  (wĕt′so͞ot′)
A tight-fitting, usually rubber garment designed to keep the body warm in water by trapping water next to the skin, used especially in scuba diving and water sports.
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بَدْلَةُ الغَوْصبَدْلَة مَطاطِيَّه للغَوْص
ronilačko odijelo
potápačská kombinéza
balıkadam kıyafetidalgıç giysisi
bộ đồ lặn


(wet) adjective
1. containing, soaked in, or covered with, water or another liquid. We got soaking wet when it began to rain; His shirt was wet through with sweat; wet hair; The car skidded on the wet road.
2. rainy. a wet day; wet weather; It was wet yesterday.
verbpresent tense ˈwetting: past tense, past participles wet, ~ˈwetted
to make wet. She wet her hair and put shampoo on it; The baby has wet himself / his nappy / the bed.
1. moisture. a patch of wet.
2. rain. Don't go out in the wet.
ˈwetness noun
wet blanket
a depressing companion.
ˈwet-nurse noun
a woman employed to breast-feed someone else's baby.
ˈwetsuit noun
a rubber suit for wearing in cold conditions when diving etc.
wet through
soaked to the skin.
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بَدْلَةُ الغَوْص neoprén våddragt Taucheranzug στολή κατάδυσης traje de buceo, traje de neopreno märkäpuku combinaison de plongée ronilačko odijelo muta ウェットスーツ 잠수복 wetsuit våtdrakt strój piankowy fato de borracha, roupa de mergulho лёгкий водолазный костюм våtdräkt ชุดดำน้ำ balıkadam kıyafeti bộ đồ lặn 潜水服
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Dubbed the "Warning" and "Cryptic" wetsuits, the outfits are so garish that most people would probably never wear them out of the water.
This offer is available throughout August and September when booked via The Dragon Hotel's website and includes all surf equipment, wetsuits and boards.
The dynamic duo from The Cafe will be slipping into their wetsuits for a kayaking trip.
Will Hogg, from Tyne mouth RNLI said: "Three of them were wearing wetsuits but another lad wasn't and got himself into difficulty when in one of the rips which can happen.
[ClickPress, Wed Dec 12 2018] Rise in surfing activities coupled with stringent regulations regarding use of surfing equipment and gear laid by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has steered the adoption of wetsuits giving its growth a bullish angle.
Lomo Challenger Triathlon wetsuit Offering a list of great features normally only found in PRICIER wetsuits, Lomo's brand new suit promises great performance for less than PS90.
Four firefighters from the water incident unit put on wetsuits to step into the water and fit a thick halter and ropes.
'We had never seen wetsuits or skis before at the event, but we hope whoever brought them had a great time anyway.'
They are categorized into wetsuits and drysuits, based on their applications and technology.
Eventually we get our wetsuits on and walk off like penguins barely able to bend.
The latest lifestyle motor is the Kia Soul concept, which has separate storage space for muddy hiking boots and damp wetsuits.