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a.1.Very large; monstrous; astonishing; as, a whapping story.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She wags again, and I hear her furry tail whapping against the flannel of the comforter cover.
Emerging to sit in a circle, one looked up to where the star map was projected from a primitive gel and lamp arrangement--tiny points of light picked out on the ceiling of a dome-tent like structure, excited children whapping at the billowing fabric of the walls.
Several take place in cars, with the poet mumbling to herself, "Brushing away the poison pill" of guilt for making a student almost cry, or seeing a tire torn from an eighteen-wheeler "clinging to the back wheel rim/ coming loose, whapping, slapping,/ whacking the ground, like a wife/ pounding her pillow, alone all night." Or in a public space,
Huge burly blokes wheeching a hard small ball around with a hockey stick like stick, the ball flying through the air and these massive guys whapping each other as they crash together to get to it.
And ugly too!" And he turned his back to Mary, whapping the hedge with a flourish.
The drizzle turned to nickel-hard rain and we heard the blades whapping long before we saw.
AoSince the number is whapping, in case we need to cross the street we do in smaller groups and volunteer organizers who help through the walk also maintain order and ensure safety through abiding rules including walking upstream, walking in pairs in case no sidewalks are available, avoiding walking on main routes and streets as much as possible, and of course wearing the yellow vest which is mandatory throughout the walk,Ao Maraqa told The Star.
When I think of the boot camp's common showers, with dozens of naked men waiting their turn, whapping each other on the buttocks with towels and horsing around, I can imagine how uncomfortable we would have felt had we known that some of the men were gay.