Wheat aphid

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(Zool.) any one of several species of Aphis and allied genera, which suck the sap of growing wheat.

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A summary table on wheat aphid (per tiller), chlorophyll content, photosynthetic rate, grain yield and cost and benefit ratio.
Australian scientists have confirmed that the Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA) now established throughout parts of the nations south-eastern cropping regions is a single biotype.
Population dynamics of the wheat aphid, Schizaphis graminum, (Rondani) (Homoptera, Aphididae) and its natural enemies in the field.
The high performance of the predator when feeding on wheat aphid species confirms the importance of these species to provide food for superior populations of C.
A spokesman of the Punjab Agriculture department said on Monday that chances of wheat aphid attack in March increases and suggested the growers to spray cold water where wheat aphid attack is witnessed instead of using poisons.
LAHORE -- Wheat crop is in its sensitive stage of growing so farmers should be vigilant to keep the crop save from wheat aphid attack.
Russian wheat aphid (RWA), indigenous to Iran, Afghanistan, Southern Russia, and some Mediterranean countries, has now spread in many regions of the world.
ARS researchers are also using barcoding to understand and track the threat of various biotypes of Russian wheat aphid, an insect about the size of a sesame seed, that is a major worldwide pest of wheat, barley, and other cereals.
Identification of wheat chromosomes involved with different types of resistance against greenbug and Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia, Mordvilko).