Wheel base

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1.The figure inclosed by lines through the points contact of the wheels of a vehicle, etc., with the surface or rails on which they run; more esp., the length of this figure between the points of contact of the two extreme wheels on either side.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The wheel base of 2,670mm offers maximum interior space for comfortable driving experience.
The new single axles use high-strength, steel-fabricated housings to support higher-weight applications with a shorter wheel base, allowing for a tighter turning radius and increased manoeuvrability.
Included in the sale is a historically important, fully restored, MK1 long wheel base Land Rover, also built in Coventry, which was owned Harry Ferguson Ltd.
A variety of long and medium wheel base, in addition to double cab-in-van and Transit Van Jumbo is available.
It doesn't matter whether it's a car, panel van, a drop side, short wheel base, long wheel base, high roof, low roof, truck or lorry, he will sort everything.
Offered in stainless steel construction for wash-down applications, or with spark resistant components, the trucks can be equipped with pneumatic tires and a wider wheel base for use outdoors or to traverse rough terrain.
MITSUBISHI has added a new model to its Shogun off-roader line-up in the shape of the SWB - short wheel base - Barbarian, below.
In Saskatchewan, in the government scheme, a flat charge based on the year of the car and the wheel base is applied.
For those who wish to go for the rugged and stylish SUV's, there's the legendary Pajero Long Wheel Base model starting from Dh98,900.
Widths of handle grip and wheel base promote stability, and flow indicator tells when injectors have shut off and it is time to disconnect.
For easy transportation is has a widened wheel base to stabilize the case on soft and hard surfaces (so it won't tip to the side during transport with a full load of tools).