Wheel carriage

a carriage moving on wheels.

See also: Wheel

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Though he was to travel through a trackless wilderness, yet the greater part of his route would lie across open plains, destitute of forests, and where wheel carriages can pass in every direction.
With a six wheel carriage under the saddle for a smooth rowing action, the adjustable footplates provide greater ankle support during exercise.
And because of the twin-turret design that allows a simple, non-contacting labyrinth seal, there is good thermal stability because it prevents the thermal distortions that can be caused by the heat generated from constantly changing the coolant return path as the grinding wheel carriage moves along the linear axis.
Once known as GC45 and now as AH1, Norinco's 155/45 mm towed howitzer had the typical four main wheel carriage, with two smaller wheels under the trails.
The most vivid was his escape from a work camp hidden inside the wheel carriage of a departing train.
With the Darkwoods[TM] Blind, you can change locations in the field within minutes, quietly and easily--simply roll the wheel carriage assembly under the blind and pull it by the handle to your next position.
The passenger side of Miller's tan Volvo was severely dented, with the wheel carriage twisted and windshield smashed.
Three sets of bogey wheel carriages are on each assembly and each wheel carriage has six rubber wheels.
The door panels are supplied in aluminium or steel with a stucco finish, and have a galvanised steel channel which re inforces the panel sides and provides a secure mounting for the wheel carriage and hinge assembly.
The nature of the technical problems is unknown, but the Anatolia news agency reported that they were related to the functioning of the front wheel carriage.
The rutting tests, carried out using a WTM, consist of three parts; a constant temperature reservoir, a wheel carriage assembly and a drive linkage assembly.