Wheel cutter

a machine for shaping the cogs of gear wheels; a gear cutter.

See also: Wheel

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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EDDINGTONS RETRO ITALIAN SCOOTER PIZZA WHEEL CUTTER: Complete an Italian evening with this pizza wheel in the shape of a scooter.
You can buy a pastry lattice wheel cutter from directtableware.com or decorate it with trimmings if you prefer.
Cutting tiles can be tricky and is easiest on a water-cooled diamond wheel cutter, which you can buy or hire relatively cheaply.
I have tried a tile-cutter, a diamond wheel cutter and asked a glazier.
* A circle and wheel cutter has a cutting blade attached to a horizontal arm, which allows for holes up to 7" in diameter.
A 2"-diameter wheel cutter on a 3".-long shaft cuts 18 positioning slots at 20-ipm feedrate.
Items included a 2-quart whistling kettle at $85; a Calphalon Commercial hard anodized square grill pan at $59.99; a Calphalon 5-quart double casserole on sale at $59.99, plus a bonus potholder; a two-piece pizza set on sale for $24.99, including a hard-anodized pizza pan, wheel cutter and recipes; a hard anodized roaster at a sale price of $69.99 and Calphalon's all- purpose 8.5-quart covered saucier, on sale at $99.99 and including two potholders, seasoning and recipes.
You should hire a water-cooled diamond wheel cutter which slices through tiles up to 50mm thick.
Far easier is a water-cooled diamond wheel cutter. You can hire them or buy them from around pounds 25.