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He saw men going from building to building, to set fire to them, as he presently realised, and he heard a series of dull detonations from the wheel pit of the power-house.
"What we need to do is drain the wheel pit and see what debris is underneath, and then we can get that removed," said Mr Dixon.
"There is now an exciting project under way to repair the water wheel pit and to install a replica waterwheel.
Four seasons of digging uncovered features such as the mill's wheel pit, with its impressive stonework, which had been buried in the river bed.
The steam engine, boilers, gas engine and pumps were sold for scrap, but the waterwheel remained as it was too difficult to remove from the wheel pit.
The former owners had carefully replaced the wood in the water wheel, but it had sunk into the wheel pit, and its bearings were broken.
The group excavated the wheel pit of the medieval mill on the River Coquet
The water wheel pit was sunk in 1852 to house a wooden eight-foot diameter undershot wheel, which was replaced in 1906 with an iron one made in a foundry in Aberystwyth.
The top level was added later and though no mill machinery survives, the remains of a wheel pit can be seen to the east, there is a well preserved culverted tailrace with stone arched top and some interior sockets indicate original placing.