a.1.Shaped like a wheel.
2.(Bot.) Expanding into a flat, circular border at top, with scarcely any tube; as, a wheel-shaped corolla.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A detailed model they are working on represents their design of a wheel-shaped garden centred around a tree which was planted by Queen Victoria.
The capsule--Staten Island's first of the 21st century--which will be unearthed in 630 years, included the day's copy of the Staten Island Advance, a letter from Staten Island Borough President James Oddo, a New York Wheel-shaped USB port containing a video of the wheel's erection process, a $ 10,000 gift certificate from Empire Outlets, New York City's first outlet center and a jar of honey produced on site at the URBY residential/commercial complex.
In 1980, Robert Plutchik, a renowned American psychologist, created a wheel-shaped diagram called 'colour wheel of emotions,' which illustrated eight basic emotions with their derivatives and these were highlighted by different colours and hues.
Our large group (it was very popular) assembled at Le Bar Andre (barandre.com/en/) for a tasting of cakes paired with wine, including a beautiful raspberry macaroon and a Paris Brest (a wheel-shaped choux pastry named after the cycle race).
The wheel-shaped presentation emphasizes the degree to which all of the elements must fit together to keep the organization running.
People from all over the world roll 9lb Double Gloucester wheel-shaped cheeses downhill then vainly scurry along after them in the name of a tradition going back 300 years.
It includes a ceramic crest mug, a Lamborghini-shaped computer mouse, sneakers, a men's windcheater, a travel bag, fountain pens, a Murcielago wheel-shaped keychain, an Aventador-shaped USB stick and a carbon-fibre finish laptop bag.
She serves a plate filled with a fierce red chicken gravy and wheel-shaped, dense fried dough called kombadi wade (Dh22), a staple of Malvan in the far south of the state; and a winning dish of stuffed small aubergines in a medium-spiced grainy sauce containing ground peanuts called bharli wangi (Dh15).
Tenery's paintings suggest the club could be built on a vast wheel-shaped space station that would spin to create a sort of artificial gravity.
For example, the variety of neuron shapes found in a wheel-shaped structure called the ellipsoid body "are just amazing," Peng said.
CBEE, as a dimensional nonconventional processing method, is based on complex, discontinuous, local erosive effects of certain impulse electrical discharges, induced between two electrodes (transfer object TO and processed object--PO), the former one being a wheel-shaped or a metallic strip, the erosive agent, and the latter the eroded object.