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 (wē′lər, hwē′-)
1. One that wheels.
2. A thing that moves on or is equipped with wheels or a wheel. Often used in combination: a three-wheeler; a paddle-wheeler.
3. A wheel horse.


1. (Automotive Engineering) Also called: wheelhorse a horse or other draught animal nearest the wheel
2. (Mechanical Engineering) (in combination) something equipped with a specified sort or number of wheels: a three-wheeler.
3. a person or thing that wheels


1. (Biography) John Archibald. 1911–2008, US physicist, noted for his work on nuclear fission and the development (1949–51) of the hydrogen bomb, also for his work on unified field theory
2. (Biography) Sir (Robert Eric) Mortimer. 1890–1976, Scottish archaeologist, who did much to increase public interest in archaeology. He is noted esp for his excavations at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa in the Indus Valley and at Maiden Castle in Dorset


(ˈʰwi lər, ˈwi-)

1. a person or thing that wheels.
2. a person who makes wheels; wheelwright.
3. something provided with a wheel or wheels (usu. used in combination): a four-wheeler.


(ˈʰwi lər, ˈwi-)

William Almon, 1819–87, vice president of the U.S. 1877–81.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.Wheeler - Scottish archaeologist (1890-1976)
2.wheeler - someone who makes and repairs wooden wheels
wright - someone who makes or repairs something (usually used in combination)
3.wheeler - the man at the outermost end of the rank in wheeling
parader, marcher - walks with regular or stately step
4.wheeler - a person who rides a bicyclewheeler - a person who rides a bicycle  
pedaler, pedaller - a person who rides a pedal-driven vehicle (as a bicycle)
5.wheeler - a draft horse harnessed behind others and nearest the wheels of a vehicle
draft horse, draught horse, dray horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loads
References in classic literature ?
"Don't you remember the warning in the sand: 'Beware the Wheelers'?
Looking over her shoulder as she ran, the girl now saw a great procession of Wheelers emerging from the forest--dozens and dozens of them--all clad in splendid, tight-fitting garments and all rolling swiftly toward her and uttering their wild, strange cries.
In front a continuous stream of hansoms and four- wheelers were rattling up, discharging their cargoes of shirt- fronted men and beshawled, bediamonded women.
At the bend of the road the leaders appeared again, swinging wide on the curve, the wheelers flashed into view, and the light two-seated rig; then the whole affair straightened out and thundered down upon them across a narrow plank-bridge.
Francois was stern, demanding instant obedience, and by virtue of his whip receiving instant obedience; while Dave, who was an experienced wheeler, nipped Buck's hind quarters whenever he was in error.
Dave was wheeler or sled dog, pulling in front of him was Buck, then came Sol-leks; the rest of the team was strung out ahead, single file, to the leader, which position was filled by Spitz.
He thought of little things--Turk Smollet wheel- ing boards through the main street of his town in the morning, a tall woman, beautifully gowned, who had once stayed overnight at his father's hotel, Butch Wheeler the lamp lighter of Winesburg hur- rying through the streets on a summer evening and holding a torch in his hand, Helen White standing by a window in the Winesburg post office and put- ting a stamp on an envelope.
This dreadful sickness caused the governor and Sir Francis Wheeler, who was commander of the British forces, to give up all thoughts of attacking Canada.
It caught the captain fairly on the chest, and he went over backward, striking on a wheeler's back, tumbling on to the ground, and jamming against the rear wheel of the auto.
I had now to admit that Wheeler & Gibb made the boxes.
And his dear looked at him in all his imperturbable, complacent self-consciousness of kindness, and saw herself the little rural school-teacher who, with Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Lord Byron as her idols, and with the dream of herself writing "Poems of Passion," had come up to Topeka Town to be beaten by the game into marrying the solid, substantial business man beside her, who enjoyed delight in the spectacle of cats and rats walking the tight-rope in amity, and who was blissfully unaware that she was the Robin Redbreast in a cage that put all heaven in a rage.
The boy on the wheeler touched his hat, and setting spurs to his horse, to the end that they might go in brilliantly, all four broke into a smart canter, and dashed through the streets with a noise that brought the good folks wondering to their doors and windows, and drowned the sober voices of the town-clocks as they chimed out half-past eight.