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pron. & co1.Whether.
Men must enquire (this is mine assent),
Wher she be wise or sober or dronkelewe.
- Chaucer.
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Nina Siler moved to Memphis, where she worked as a disc jockey for the nation's first all-female radio station, WHER.
Daniel sketches gay life in the South too, as well as the pioneering all-women Memphis radio station WHER.
BRIDE and Ja Barwic MARR Easing WHEN WHER Schoo THE P of Salt THE R WHAT Roma N?
WHER EVER today's action materialises in this ongoing battle against the elements, proven effectiveness on the surfaces counts for a huge amount.
In the quarter of a century since, private bus companies have naturally shown great interest in servicing the routes wherS e they can easily turn a penny, leaving the taxpayer to subsidise the less popular runs, particularly off peak.
Great thing of vs forgot, Speake Edmund, whers the king, and whers Cordelia Seest thou this obiect Kent.
What is the position whers e there are no speed signs in such an area?
com offers self-help legal information in electronic formats that cater to the needs of readers, from bconsumers and small businesses -- when and whers that people can download at any time to addreslanning.
Asked about a return to the corporation, whers e he had series The Naked Chef from 1999, Jamie says: "I was born in the Beeb and part of me would like to go back there.