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pron. & co1.Whether.
Men must enquire (this is mine assent),
Wher she be wise or sober or dronkelewe.
- Chaucer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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P'raps you wouldn't feel so lonesome if you was nearer town--for instance, 'bout wher' you useter live."
Well, that very night he rolled off'n a shed wher' he was a layin drunk, and broke his arm."
Beyond the place wher we slept last night, the country is completely terra incognita for it was there that Captain Stokes turned back.
He scarce had ended, when those two approachd And brief related whom they brought, wher found, How busied, in what form and posture coucht.
The chief of many mechanical devices enabling us to get away from where we are to wher we are no better off.
The event featured a live interaction of the just released 2019 NAWRB Women in the Housing Ecosystem Report (WHER), which provides the most diverse coverage of the Housing Ecosystem with over sixty resources in six volumes.
etre n sas ch ter how or wher it strikes, is a unmitigated disaster.
Sep 101 puts are being sold to open, most likely a roll from the 95s wher 92K are open, dating to a June 95/100 1x2.
reads re you ro river wher LUSH: Douro valley The Ribeira district spreads alongside the Douro where can dine on its banks.
spraw wher Don Na f There is no denying that The Lion King is a mighty handsome and muscular beast.
An ITV spokesman said: "The programme had significant and detailed duty of care processes in place for contributors built up over 14 years." He said there had been "numerous positive outcomes" wher guests "resolved long-standing personal problems", and added: "Guests were supported by our guest welfare team prior to, throughout and after filming."
The first concert was held on April 10 wher Join Band and Three Fall trio from Kyrgyzstan performed.