Whidbey Island

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Whid·bey Island

(wĭd′bē, hwĭd′-)
An island of northwest Washington in Puget Sound north of Seattle and east of Admiralty Inlet.
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In order to test water contamination in various areas, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife would often get clean mussels from Penn Cove on Whidby Island and put them in urban waters.
These mysteries take place in locations ranging from Seattle or Whidby Island in Washington, to New York City in both the 1920s and in the 2000s, then across the Atlantic to 16th-century Venice and 19th-century London, and across the Pacific to Tokyo, Japan.
FRONTIER CHARTERS & LODGE South Umpqua graduate Stonie Huffman (right) poses with a 52-pound king salmon caught by client Mike Whitcomb of Whidby Island, Wash.
As Coughlin yelled for help, they laughed, abandoning her only to treat more women walking down the hall to the same giddy molestation-attacks meant, as one Whidby Island, Washington, airman later noted, "in a good-natured, lighthearted way."
Laurel sends Becca to Whidby Island on the ferry to stay with Laurel's best friend, Carol.