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adv.1.In a Whiggish manner.
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Previous works have argued that this evolution was fueled by the Glorious Revolution and the rise of constitutional monarchy, but Thompson's explanation, while less whiggishly lofty, is infinitely more practical.
In the second half of the eighteenth century, then, this discrepancy between Blackstone's constitution as practiced and as Whiggishly idealized contributed to the ideological conflicts leading to war and American independence.
Nor do they feel under any imperative to write the story of science Whiggishly as one long continuous success story -- without blemishes or periods of stasis and even regression" (156).
Clulee worries more than he should - a little whiggishly, perhaps - about the place of these magical elements in a work often praised as progressive.
Hamalainen somewhat whiggishly focuses on the Comancheria's successes and virtually flies over its failure in a twenty-page chapter, "Collapse.
Venerable tomes by William Haller and others once chronicled in detail the interests and beliefs of those from William Perkins through William Prynne who once appeared (to the whiggishly inclined) the avatars of religious freedom and toleration, closely linked to nascent parliamentary democracy, or (for American scholars), to the founding of the northern colonies and the genesis of the "New England Mind.