Whip and spur

with the utmost haste.

See also: Whip

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Hubert to the man who is the first to sound the mort." He shook his bridle as he spoke, and thundered away, his knights lying low upon their horses and galloping as hard as whip and spur would drive them, in the hope of winning the king's prize.
The boys applied whip and spur, the waiters shouted, the hostlers cheered, and away they went, fast and furiously.
Jingle only answered with a contemptuous smile, and replied to his menaces by a shout of triumph, as his horses, answering the increased application of whip and spur, broke into a faster gallop, and left the pursuers behind.
Then, ordering his sister to hold the reins, he mounted, and made me stand for ten minutes, watching how manfully he used his whip and spurs. Meantime, however, I admired Mary Ann's pretty doll, and all its possessions; and then told Master Tom he was a capital rider, but I hoped he would not use his whip and spurs so much when he rode a real pony.
I felt my whole spirit set against him, and I began to kick, and plunge, and rear as I had never done before, and we had a regular fight; for a long time he stuck to the saddle and punished me cruelly with his whip and spurs, but my blood was thoroughly up, and I cared for nothing he could do if only I could get him off.
A contributor to the March 1817 issue made clear that Sir Charles Bunbury was not enamoured of the use of whip and spur on his horses.
He stated: "The illustrious example of that ancient and ardent votary of the turf, Sir Charles Bunbury, is quoted as entitled to universal imitation - who has never, on any account, or for any, even the heaviest presumed interest, suffered his racers to be abused with the whip and spur, or these, or any other animals in his possession, to be treated with cruelty, or even harshness; but to be recompensed, whilst he is enjoying the pleasure and profit of them, with the kindest and most liberal treatment, and as great a share of the comforts of existence as in their power to receive, and in his to confer."
We need to go beyond liberalism and start thinking about breaking away from the cash economy, which should no longer be the whip and spur of our lives.