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(ˈʰwɪp əl, ˈwɪp-)

George Hoyt, 1878–1976, U.S. pathologist: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1934.
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Well, about an hour after dark we come along down in our trading-scow, and it was so dark we didn't notice the wreck till we was right on it; and so WE saddle-baggsed; but all of us was saved but Bill Whipple -- and oh, he WAS the best cretur !
Villafana, "Whipple's disease with esophageal and colonic involvement: endoscopic and histopathologic findings," Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, vol.
Not long after, Elizabeth's uncle, (https://www.ibtimes.com/elizabeth-shelley-update-alex-whipple-missing-5-year-olds-uncle-named-main-suspect-2795202) Alex Whipple was identified as the prime suspect in her disappearance and was subsequently arrested.
For Fremont District 79: Whipple, Macoch and Jandes
Brian Whipple, the longtime CEO of Accenture Interactive, loves fishing; casting his lure into deep waters of the Atlantic.
Whipple's disease is a systemic, infectious disease affecting numerous organs.
Journalist Chris Whipple's book on the chiefs of staff, starting with the Nixon presidency and ending with Barack Obama's White House, has been met with wide acclaim.
Warburton, 33, admitted wounding his ex-partner's female friend with intent, Mrs Justice Whipple told London's Appeal Court.
"Our roots are in financial education," said Anne Whipple, Operations Manager at LJPR.
Driver Lacresha Black and her three minor children filed suit against Paige Whipple after a 2013 T-bone accident on the city's north side.
Summary: Oncology surgeon conducts Whipple surgery, a first in the UAE