Whiskey Ring

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1.A conspiracy of distillers and government officials during the administration of President Grant to defraud the government of the excise taxes. The frauds were detected in 1875 through the efforts of the Secretary of the Treasury B. H. Bristow, and most of the offenders were convicted.
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McDonald organized and ran the Whiskey Ring but he always credited Grant with the initiation of the Ring declaring that the president "actually stood god-father at its christening.
Ellis's approach is deeply historical, and his efforts to make sense of the contemporary presidency are informed by considerations of Barbary pirates, the 1864 Hodges letter, and the Whiskey Ring, among other historical factors.
From Credit Mobilier to Black Friday, the Whiskey Ring to the Belknap impeachment, President Grant experienced firsthand the deleterious impact special interest groups can have on government.
Bunting covers Grant's presidency, including the Salary Grab, Belknap Scandal, Whiskey Ring, and other embarrassments that rocked the country.
Grant surfaced this year with revelations involving what was called the Whiskey Ring.