n.1.A shallow drinking bowl.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Preference tests have been used as a methodological option to determine the environmental parameters, such as temperature (KRAUSE et al., 1998), food (GALEF; WHISKIN, 2001) and type of substrate (DAWKINS, 1998).
First with the chequebook was local man Victor Vaughan of Whiskin Precision Engineering.
Melina: Department of Economics, Social Sciences Building, City University London, Whiskin Street, London, EC1R 0JD, UK.
Through social transmission, animals learn what flavors to like or dislike (Galef, Whiskin, & Bielavska, 1997).
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The hosts led 2-0 after goals from Mo Haskin (18mins) and Jamie Whiskin (50) but Evesham replied through Robbie Ager's first goal for the club with 15 minutes left and they nearly snatched a point when Danny Lennon's strike hit the woodwork.
The three points look secured five minutes into the second half when Jamie Whiskin doubled the home side's lead when he converted a cross from Darren Wheeler.
Ac mae tinc o hiraeth yn ei lais wrth gofio'r diwrnod hwnnw: "Roedd hi'n tywallt y glaw, a doedd neb yno i gofnodi'r fordaith olaf drist honno ond yr hanesydd lleol, Stuart Whiskin, a minnau.