n.1.A shallow drinking bowl.
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Whilst other scholarly volumes, for instance Margaux Whiskin and David Bagot's Iran and the West: Cultural Perceptions from the Sasanian Empire to the Islamic Republic (2018), look at broader patterns of Western-Iranian encounter across a range of cultures, epochs, and media, the important new volume of essays edited by Maillard and Tafazoli offers the first comprehensive study of representations of Persia through the lens of specifically German culture, history, and society, from the eighteenth-century to the present.
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Whiskin, "Socially transmitted food preferences can be used to study long-term memory in rats," Animal Learning & Behavior, vol.
Preference tests have been used as a methodological option to determine the environmental parameters, such as temperature (KRAUSE et al., 1998), food (GALEF; WHISKIN, 2001) and type of substrate (DAWKINS, 1998).
First with the chequebook was local man Victor Vaughan of Whiskin Precision Engineering.
Melina: Department of Economics, Social Sciences Building, City University London, Whiskin Street, London, EC1R 0JD, UK.
Through social transmission, animals learn what flavors to like or dislike (Galef, Whiskin, & Bielavska, 1997).
(10.) Trainor, Laurel J., Celine Marie, David Gerry, Elaine Whiskin, and Andrea Unrau (2012), "Becoming Musically Enculturated: Effects of Music Classes for Infants on Brain and Behavior," Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1252: 129-138.
Galef y Whiskin (2000) determinaron si la cantidad de alimento que consume una rata, que nunca ha tenido contacto con un tipo de alimento, se modifica cuando observa a otra rata consumir de un tipo de alimento.
The hosts led 2-0 after goals from Mo Haskin (18mins) and Jamie Whiskin (50) but Evesham replied through Robbie Ager's first goal for the club with 15 minutes left and they nearly snatched a point when Danny Lennon's strike hit the woodwork.
The three points look secured five minutes into the second half when Jamie Whiskin doubled the home side's lead when he converted a cross from Darren Wheeler.
Ac mae tinc o hiraeth yn ei lais wrth gofio'r diwrnod hwnnw: "Roedd hi'n tywallt y glaw, a doedd neb yno i gofnodi'r fordaith olaf drist honno ond yr hanesydd lleol, Stuart Whiskin, a minnau.