Whistling thrush

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(Zool.) Any one of several species of singing birds of the genus Myiophonus, native of Asia, Australia, and the East Indies. They are generally black, glossed with blue, and have a patch of bright blue on each shoulder. Their note is a loud and clear whistle.
The song thrush.

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The tea gardens are spread over some 1,200 acres and as such can yield endless hours of walking amidst such lush greenery coupled with crisp mountain air and silence broken by such birds as the Malabar whistling thrush, drongos and Malabar hornbill.
Some of the species include the paradise fly catcher, magpie robin, Malabar whistling thrush, golden-backed woodpecker and others.
Photographs of different species of birds were on display, including Grey Headed Woodpecker, Grey Treepie, Black Lored Tit, Black Throated Tit, Grey Hooded Warbler, Himalayan Bulbul, Green Beater, Common Hooper, Jungle Babblers, Blue Whistling Thrush, green backed tit, blue-throated barbet, yellow billed blue magpie, large pied wagtail, gray winged blackbird and black necked stork.
A whistling thrush seems to call out to him: "It isn't time that is passing by, it is you and I."
We had the opportunity to spot wild boars, the beautiful burgundy coloured Malabar squirrel, a wild tusker, deer in plenty, an eagle circling high above the tree that a Malabar squirrel was perched upon, whistling thrush and quail.