White Tai

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Noun1.White Tai - a branch of the Tai languages
Tai - the most widespread and best known of the Kadai family of languages
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(4) Many ethnic groups changed their autonym during their migrations to neighboring countries; e.g., the Tai Tac (Viet "Tay Tac") from So'n La province (Northwest Viet Nam), who are identified as White Tai but who speak a Tai Deng sub-dialect and use the Tai Deng writing.
I will maintain the practice of putting an "ethnospecifier" after (exceptionally before) the ethnonym Thai/Tai, as in Tai Khamti, Tai Deng, Black Tai, or White Tai. The ethnonym Thai is a generic term covering the Thai populations and dialects located south of the Red River to Assam in northeastern India; the ethnic term used to name the people living in Thailand as well as their language is Siamese.
The term Thai [[t.sup.h][aj.sup.A2]] with initial aspirated consonant should then be reserved only for Siamese and Lao, but it has been extended, in the ethnographical and linguistic literature, to ethnic groups who instead have Tai [taj.sup.A2], such as the White Tai, the Black Tai, and so on.