White cricket

(Zool.) the tree cricket.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The '92 edition was the first to feature the players in coloured clothing, white cricket balls and black sightscreens with a number of matches being played under floodlights.
To their supporters, they could have competed on the world stage if given the opportunity, but resisted attempts by the apartheid regime and their agents to be co-opted into white cricket structures to 'normalise' and therefore 'legitimise' sport in the apartheid state.
" For the cover image, Jason chose a white cricket sweater from Hilfiger Collection with the neck adjusted to show off his tattoos .Over lunch- which was a plate of chicken wings for Zayn- the former boy band singer was shocked to find out how popular he is in India.
Speaking of the wardrobe, Rahul shared, 'The white cricket sweater from the Hilfiger Collection with the neck adjusted to show off his tattoos seemed like an appropriate cover image.
"A really good start because coming here in white cricket is tough.
the white cricket of those days drags itself off the hook there are no
The red cherry was replaced with white cricket balls so that they were easily visible to players against the background of colored clothing and, more radically, artificial floodlights.
Kerry Packer, the Australian media moghul among his other businesses and interests, revolutionized cricket by starting his own "cricket circus" (named World Series Cricket, roping in the top names in cricket and making them wear coloured clothing, playing under lights at night and using white cricket balls.
1960 TUESDAY, JUNE 26 Disaster strikes at Six Bells Colliery, TV set was hot news whilst Shirley's a snob when it comes to men and more make the news 52 years ago this week Silent agony of vigil in the sun A boy in white cricket shirt waiting for news of his father, a girl in a school blazer puffed from too much weeping.
These three white cricket nations had no option but to accept the opinion of the majority.
New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori had raised the issue at a post-match press conference at The Oval, saying he had never seen the white cricket ball 'reverse-swing' just after 12 overs.
Following knock-out phase of the tournament, two top teams from each group will qualify for the "Super-8 Stage" and the final will be played in colour-clothing with white cricket balls.