White fly

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1.Any one of numerous small injurious hemipterous insects of the genus Aleyrodes, allied to scale insects. They are usually covered with a white or gray powder.
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Garden pests like aphids and white fly, that have managed to survive the milder winters of the last few years, will be killed off in greater numbers.
Sources further said that field teams have been mobilized to counter the attack of white fly and pink bollworm.
She disclosed that field teams had been made active for the effective control of white fly and pink bollworm and regular monitoring was being done.
However, there are times, especially around brightly lit bridges or underwater dock lights, when I'll throw a white fly as it stands out in the lighted areas and seems to be easier for fish to see as they wait in the shadows.
Caption: NOT WORKING--The city has wrapped treated plastic around tree trunks to try to stop the white fly infestation.
07%); while in the second spray also, chemical control(Diamond) showed highest effect against white fly (78.
The company specializes in the following services: Grounds Maintenance, Field Mowing, Landscape Design & Installation, Landscape Lighting, Arbor Services, Irrigation Repair and Installation, Pressure Cleaning & Painting, Roof Coating, Pavers, Ficus White Fly Control, Pest Control and Fertilization
Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Ministry has issued extensive directives to the States producing cotton to check the adverse affect of white fly on cotton.
Cotton commissioner Dr Khalid Abdullah said unexpected rains damaged cotton in Punjab and sensing losses, farmers also took least interest in crop care that led to increased infestation of pink bollworm, white fly and other pests.
He referred to the pitiable plight of the farmers in the cotton belt and said that their crops had been destroyed by the white fly.
White fly, spider mites and even aphids like heat and plant foliage that has developed soft and succulent under too-warm conditions.
Dr Sagheer said attack of white fly and pink bollworm has been noticed in cotton fields.