White fly

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1.Any one of numerous small injurious hemipterous insects of the genus Aleyrodes, allied to scale insects. They are usually covered with a white or gray powder.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Farmers should also monitor white fly and consult official for remedial measures.
According to a spokesman for agriculture department, September is a very crucial month for cotton crop as white fly, Gulabi Sundi and other insects attacked it.
'Cotton crop is under attack of pests, especially white fly, thrips and pink bollworm, due to weather conditions and growers' financial incapacity to counter the menace by applying appropriate quantity of pesticides and fertilizers,' Mr Khokhar said, adding the pest attack was so severe that it may drastically cut lint yield.
While, sucking pest like thrips (Thrips tabaci), jassid (Amrasca bigutella), cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii), mites (Tetranychide acarira) and white fly (Bemisia tabaci), have also been known to effect non-Bt as well as Bt cotton cultivars (Shah et al., 2017).
For White fly control, government of Punjab is also spending Rs.39.612 million to provide genetic modified varieties of cotton crop.
He pointed out that if farmers apply pesticides against pink bollworm before its attack, it can promote white fly infestation and create resistance in other pests.
Sources further said that field teams have been mobilised to counter the attack of white fly and pink bollworm.
However, there are times, especially around brightly lit bridges or underwater dock lights, when I'll throw a white fly as it stands out in the lighted areas and seems to be easier for fish to see as they wait in the shadows.
Caption: NOT WORKING--The city has wrapped treated plastic around tree trunks to try to stop the white fly infestation.
The results revealed that against white fly, the first spray of chemical control(confidor) showed highest reduction percent (96.62%) followed by Neem extract (82.60%), Tobacco extract (75.95%), Eucalyptus extract (73.93%) and lowest for untreated control (11.07%); while in the second spray also, chemical control(Diamond) showed highest effect against white fly (78.32%); followed by Neem extract (67.53%), Tobacco extract (56.43%), Eucalyptus extract (42.25%) and least by untreated plot (5.49%).