White hake

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(Zool.) the squirrel hake. See under Squirrel.

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Chicken / chilled / - 700 kg; Chicken legs / chilled / - 30 kg; Chicken / chilled / - 30 kg; White hake fish-fillet, 1 kg frozen - 50 kg; Mackerel fillets, frozen 1 kg - 300 kg; Apricots - 100 kg; Melons - 150 kg; Pumpkin - 50 kg; Grapes - 100 kg .
White hake, a cold water species, is by far the most common fish delivered to puffin chicks, but they are shifting northward as the Gulf of Maine warms.
Cashes Ledge is also rich in a variety of groundfish including Atlantic cod, white hake, monkfish, haddock and redfish.
The agreement concerns conservation measures for several fish stocks, including cod, redfish, shrimp, Greenland halibut, white hake and skates.
Except for 37 silver hake and one white hake, this individual had been feeding on open-ocean pelagic fishes, of which 99% (3875) were Madeira lanternfish.
But what of the shoals of herring and the sweet white hake that, for hundreds of years, supported an industry from Penrhyn to Llangranog, Hakin to Llangwm, Tenby to Penarth?
A diverse group of fish predators was chosen with individual species representing freshwater habitats (tigerfish Hydrocynus brevis), marine pelagic environments (bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix), as well as benthic (winter skate Raja ocellata) and demersal (red hake Urophycis chuss; white hake Urophycis tenuis; and European hake Merluccius merluccius) marine habitats.
Quantities for each are as follows: acadian redfish (13); cusk (11); haddock (7); pollock (3); striped bass (4); white hake (22); bluefin tuna (3); bluefish (1); thresher shark (1);whiting (silver hake) (2).