white lightning

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white lightning

n. Chiefly Southern US



1. Informal. smuggled or illicitly distilled liquor, esp. illicitly distilled corn liquor.
2. empty or foolish talk, ideas, etc.; nonsense.
[1375–1425; late Middle English mone schyne]

White lightning

A term sometimes used when referring to bootleg or home-distilled whiskey.
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Jo Suzie Q Nelson agreed: "It was White Lightening before that
Nice Guy, Mystic, Ocean Snow, Pure White, Red Dove, Route 69, Scarface, Snow Day, Snow Leopard, Tranquility, Vanilla Sky, White China, White Dove, White Girls, White Horse, White Knight, White Lightening, White Rush, Wicked X, Wicked XX, and Zoom
FOREST Hall rider Dawn Convery took three three BHS Cross Country Championship qualifier cards with her two horses Miss Moneypenny and White Lightening at Gloucester Lodge's first hunter trial of the season.
2ND OVERALL Stuart Biggerstaff WHITE LIGHTENING James & Heather Kennedy, top 2wd 9th overall 1ST OVERALL Derek McGeehan
John Wade is a more frequent visitor to Sedgefield and he won the conditional jockeys' selling handicap hurdle he sponsored himself with top-weight White Lightening, who scored readily by six lengths.
Ashley Roberts, 19, a friend of the defendants, told the jury how he had seen Swellings consume White Lightening cider in the run-up to the attack on Mr Newlove.
Paul Mitton of White Lightening Power League Coventry was found guilty of a category B assault on a referee and causing a game to be abandoned.
In a test purchase, a 15-year-old had been able to buy 12 bottles of Bacardi Breezers, two bottles of White Lightening, 12 cans of lager and a bottle of vodka.
Corp's new White Lightening pistol is offered in a choice of four calibers: .
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