White lime

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a solution or preparation of lime for whitewashing; whitewash.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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His children often had, and with his perfect acquiescence it had gone into the common purse to buy meat that he had eaten, and drink that he had drunk; but fustian splashed with white lime, bestowing halfpence on him, front to front, was new.
Then brush them with watered-down white lime paint (try Autentico Venice PS23.95 for 1L, Eclecticathome.co.uk).
A fragment of a plaque of red sand depicting a lady with high head dress and wearing ear-rings and a sculpture in white lime stone appears to be of a 'Buddhisattva' wearing 'Dhoti' and holding a 'kamandali', said the official.
Others on the board include Aimee Busby, Austin White Lime; Collin Bland, Joe Bland Construction; Steven Buffum, P.E., Costello, Inc., Kim Carrillo, Jimmy Evans Company; Michael Ehrhardt, Liberty Civil Construction; Mike Fisher, P.E., Pape-Dawson Engineers; Larry Hans, Innovative Soil Solutions; T.
As added protection, a coat of white lime was applied on the facade to preserve the structure from deterioration.
A common feature, in addition to the offerings, is the kolam, the auspicious design which is traditionally traced in white lime powder before the house early in the morning on the day.
For the base coat white lime cream, fine Kankar lime and coarse Kankar lime were mixed in a ratio of 1/2: 3: 2, respectively.
Meanwhile, it halted shipments of imported Egyptian rice following the discovery of white lime, which is used in the installation of tiles and can lead to cancer.
The filtered white lime water is left to mature for a minimum period of 3 months as general practice [6].
Previously only available to Michelin Star Chefs, the un-enrobed range will include the Classic Cocoa Dusted Velvet Truffle, the awardwinning Raspberry and Black Pepper Velvet Truffle and the White Lime with a hint of Chilli Velvet Truffle.
But as Victoria George compellingly argues in the first critical evaluation of the whitewashing of sacred spaces, white lime was not simply a cheap and destructive tool wielded by crazed reformers and philistines.