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n. Offensive Slang
A white person, usually a teenager or young adult, who adopts the fashions, the tastes, and often the mannerisms considered typical of urban black youth.


(ˈwɪɡə) or


slang derogatory a white youth who adopts black youth culture by adopting its speech, wearing its clothes, and listening to its music
[C20: from a blend of white + nigger]
References in classic literature ?
dis yer's one o' yer white niggers,--kind o' cream color, ye know, scented
And I've heard English women call us white niggers.
English-Canadian identity was destined to look very different after New Left campus revolts; wildcat strikes, and second-wave feminist manifestoes, not to mention readings of White Niggers of America and contending with the War Measures Act.
It was far easier for English-speaking people to succeed and French people had to learn English in order to access better quality jobs; such was their plight then that they have been referred to as 'the white niggers of North America'.
I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time, if you want to use that word.
What White Niggers had that was new, however, were the emotional and childhood elements that had been missing, largely, from Quebec ideologies of the far Left.
Even those who didn't agree with Vallieres' politics recognized in White Niggers an autobiographical novel, as much as a political book.
Eldridge Cleaver's Soul on Ice was appearing in episodes in Ramparts at about the same time that White Niggers was being debated here.
There had been no reference to homosexuality in the White Niggers, at the time of whose publication there was a woman in Pierre's life, a fiancee.
But I was always surprised by how few of my friends who'd set their sails by Vallieres in the days of White Niggers, read VO.