white separatism

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white separatist

One who advocates the creation of a society in which whites live separately from other races or from which nonwhite races are excluded.

white separatism n.
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Noun1.white separatism - a social system in which white people live separately from members of other races
separatism, segregation - a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups
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White separatists are not just an isolated group of the disenfranchised whose vitriol against Muslims is limited to hate speech.
By Belew's account, the movement encompasses the Klan, white separatists, neo-Nazis, and even radical tax resisters.
This is not just a problem of the "left," nor is it owned solely by the "right." This is a universal problem among all of the participants in this horror show playing out in our nation's streets, whether they be Constitution-quoting, white separatists or Marx-spewing, anti-Fascists, or anyone else in the rainbow coalition of trolls and idiots that has been capturing the national spotlight of late.
He insisted the KKK were white separatists, not white supremacists, then said: "We don't want black people breaking bread at our table, or Jews."
Notably and by contrast, the antithesis variable for White Separatists, whose claims also typically arose (91%) in criminal and prison settings, did not approach significance in any model, although the coefficient was also negative.
Police and army units in order to avoid potential clashes between White separatists and local Black people patrolled his funeral last Friday attended by 3,000 people.
The Alabama-based center included the forum not only because of its habit, well-known locally, of providing a platform for anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers and white separatists. The listing came because the SPLC concluded that the Pacifica Forum endorses its speakers' unsavory views.
He focuses on how the 2006 Torino Olympics are placed on a pedestal by White supremacists, White separatists, and White nationalists and are epitomized as an ultimate symbolic performance of White dominance on the global stage.
(2001) Fact-based drama chronicling the life of the woman who famously stood up to white separatists in Fifties America.
In our March 31, 1997 issue, we presented evidence linking the bombing to a "rustic, rural redoubt [called Elohim City] populated by well-armed white separatists." Elohim City, we noted, "serves as a Butch Cassidy 'Hole in the Wall' hideout for a notorious gang of Aryan bandits wanted by federal authorities for a two-year spree of bank robberies spanning six states--robberies in which explosive devices were frequently used as diversionary instruments.
There are hundreds of hate groups in the US, including the Ku Klux Klan, various neo-Nazi cults, white separatists and far right Christian organisations who despise Jews.