n.1.(Zool.) The wheatear.
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I cannot picture the place without seeing her, as a little girl, come to the door of a certain house and beat her bass against the gav'le-end, or there is a wedding to-night, and the carriage with the white-eared horse is sent for a maiden in pale blue, whose bonnet-strings tie beneath the chin.
Also spotted were the orange-bellied and red-keeled flowerpecker, coppersmith Barbet, Asian glossy starlings, and white-eared brown, zebra spotted, and the Philippine cuckoo dove, and the endemic Camiguin bulbul.
Unknown to many, the countrys Boma-Jonglei-Equatoria Landscape, which covers about 200,000 square kilometers, witnesses the remarkable seasonal migration of the white-eared kob, tiang and Mongalla gazelle.
While the pheasants are the stars, the mid-to-high altitude forest scenery revealed more country endemics including the Taiwan partridge, White-eared Sibia, Taiwan Yuhina, Taiwan Barwing, Steere's Liochichla, Taiwan Hwamei, and Grey-cheeked Fulvetta.
In his later canvases, he found imaginative ways of employing these sometimes stilted images: the white-eared opossum of Post's drawing, stiff with rigor mortis, reappears in his Sugar Mill of around 1660 in the mouth of a boa constrictor.
It was a mass migration of make than 1.3 million white-eared kob.
According to conservationists, prior to the outbreak of its war in December 2013, South Sudan's extensive areas of untouched natural woodlands, forests, and savannas, were home to wildlife populations including approximately 2,500 elephant, hundreds of giraffes, the endemic Nile Lechwe and white-eared kob tiang, Mongalla antelope migrations, wild dog as well as chimpanzees.
According to Birdlife International, white-eared night herons are known to live in southern China and northern Vietnam, but are hard to track.
Besides, one encounters species like white-eared and red-vented bulbuls, laughing doves, alexandrine and rose-ringed parakeets, house sparrows, white-throated munias and common mynas in a park, according to the author of 'Common birds of Qatar' Fran Gillespie.
You see a bird with a black head and a white cheek and a little yellow in the belly and you know it is a white-eared bulbul.
Badingilo is home to giant herds of antelope -- including tiang, white-eared kob and reedbuck -- as well as giraffe, lion, cheetah and vast bird populations.