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raft 1

1. A flat structure, typically made of planks, logs, or barrels, that floats on water and is used for transport or as a platform for swimmers.
2. A flatbottom inflatable craft for floating or drifting on water: shooting the rapids in a rubber raft.
v. raft·ed, raft·ing, rafts
1. To convey on a raft.
2. To make into a raft.
To travel by raft.

[Middle English, from Old Norse raptr, beam, rafter.]

raft 2

n. Informal
A great number, amount, or collection: "As the prairie dog goes, conservation biologists say, so may go a raft of other creatures" (William K. Stevens).

[Originally American English, alteration (probably influenced by raft) of dialectal English (Scotland and Northern England) raff, a large collection or number (of something), abundance, from Middle English raf in rif and raf, everything, one and all, sweepings, rubbish; see riffraff.]
vadvízi evezés


[ˈrɑːftɪŋ] nrafting m


n (Sport) → Rafting nt; to go raftingRaften gehen
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He was white-water rafting in Prague during his brother Matt's stag party.
CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The tragedy that left a tourist dead in Cagayan River on June 13 is pushing city officials and tour operators to draft a set of safety protocols for white-water rafting.
Mason was at the Holme Pierrepont National Watersports Centre in Nottingham as members of the Newcastle-based Stables' Young People's Project enjoyed an exclusive white-water rafting session.
CARDIFF'S Olympicstandard white-water rafting course has been flooded with water for the first time.
For more info on Arizona - home to the awesome Grand Canyon and activities like white-water rafting and mountain biking - go to www.
The hotel can tailor packages for both first-timers to white-water rafting and those seeking a more action-packed experience.
WHEN you have never been sea fishing before, get sea sick and are only out on the waves in a boat so you can go white-water rafting, the last thing you expect on the end of your line is 7ft or so of marlin.
Ian Robinson, head of rugby at Merchant Taylors' boys school in Crosby, drowned after falling into a river on a white-water rafting trip.
TRIBUTES poured in last night for a teacher who drowned in a white-water rafting tragedy.
A number of years ago, my soon-to-be brother-in-law, his entourage, and I celebrated his bachelor's party with an exhilarating multiday white-water rafting trip along the Penobscot River deep in the wilds of Maine.
And then, one warm summer day, as I was white-water rafting on the Colorado River with a group of my campers, the reason behind my course decisions hit me: I would love to do camp year-round as my professional career