white bread

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white bread

Bread made from white flour.
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white′ bread′

any white or light-colored bread made from finely ground, usu. bleached, flour.


usage: This term is used with disparaging intent, implying a contempt for the values of the white middle class.
adj. Informal: Disparaging.
1. pertaining to or characteristic of the white middle class; bourgeois: white-bread liberals.
2. bland; conventional.
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Noun1.white bread - bread made with finely ground and usually bleached wheat flourwhite bread - bread made with finely ground and usually bleached wheat flour
bread, breadstuff, staff of life - food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked
French bread - a crusty sourdough bread often baked in long slender tapered loaves or baguettes
Italian bread - unsweetened yeast-raised bread made without shortening and baked in long thick loaves with tapered ends
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Carroll, Iowa, 14-year-old Wyatt Whitebread and 19-year-old Alex Pacas were killed while working in a grain bin.
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Elisabeth Whitebread, energy campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said: "The ban on fracking is a huge win.