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(ˈʰwaɪt li, ˈwaɪt-)

with a white hue or color.
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Whitely looked at me, and I looked at Whitely, and then we both looked back in the direction of the deer.
It looks to me, Whitely, like an error," I said; "some assistant god who had been creating elephants must have been temporarily transferred to the lizard-department.
I can't help hoping all the time that Bowen and the girl have found the others; the last Bowen knew of them, there were six left, all told--the mate Bradley, the engineer Olson, and Wilson, Whitely, Brady and Sinclair.
A light was burning, and each damsel was sitting up whitely in her bed, awaiting Tess, the whole like a row of avenging ghosts.
After what seemed five minutes, though it could not have been more than a minute, I saw him flaming whitely upward.
Olson, the Irish engineer, with Whitely and Wilson constituted the remnants of Dinosaur's defenders, and to Brady and Sinclair they narrated the salient events that had transpired since Bradley and his party had marched away on September 4th.
Airports Council International (ACI) World has announced the appointment of former London Gatwick Airport senior leader David Whitely as its new Director of Communications.
Winters notched d points from placed balls to complement further scores from Fergal Whitely and Danny Sutcliffe while their opponents managed to stay in touch thanks to a trio of points from wing-back Paudie Foley.
But Dagenham too had their early share of half chances, Doe heading over the top from a corner, while Corey Whitely fired a free kick in a good position way over the top, all inside the opening 20 minutes.
Captain Scott Doe headed just over from a corner for the hosts who then thought they had taken the lead on 24 minutes, when Corey Whitely followed up on the rebound after Morgan Ferrier's initial shot - but was denied by an offside flag.
The Dragons looked more dangerous in the second half but struggled to really test Mark Cousins in the Daggers goal, while the visitors improved as the half went on with goalscorer Benson combining with Luke Howell and Corey Whitely but Jalal managed to clear the danger.
After a scrappy start, the Daggers had the first chance of the match in the fourth minute, when Corey Whitely skewed wide an edge of the box knock-down from Oliver Hawkins.