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n.1.(Zool.) The golden-eye.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Boss Roger Whiteside said the non-meat treats have helped attract a new breed of customers, and, ironically, boosted demand for its best-selling pork sausage rolls.
Chief Executive Roger Whiteside said: "Greggs has delivered an exceptional first half performance."
Chief Executive Roger Whiteside said on Tuesday Greggs was having an "exceptional year", with sales up nearly 15% in total.
LOUGHBOROUGH GREENFIELDS 55 ROTHLEY 66 Greenfields skips first: M Warren 16 J Mckeown 16, R Brewin 15 M Oliver 13, B Woodley 9 F Brown 21, T Bowling 15 G Hall 16 LOUGHBOROUGH PHOENIX 64 MELTON TOWN 59 Phoenix skips first: D Hilferty 17 J Evans 11, C White 14 L Woodcock 13, T Whiteside 18 L Keightley 14, M Reeve 15 M Lomax 21 LOUGHBOROUGH PHOENIX 68 LEICESTER SUNDAY TOURISTS 92 Phoenix skips first: C Smith 14 G Mistry 24, C Jackson 19 T Norman 26, M Reeve 16 B Page 24, T Whiteside 19 D Hudson 18.
The vegan selling top five it doesn't all the Roger Chief executive Roger Whiteside said: "We're delighted with the strong start and the fact that it's being sustained, and expect to have a very good year on the back of that.
Hassan Whiteside, once one of the feared rim protectors in the NBA, is weighing his options heading into NBA free agency.
In 1984 United would play Barcelona in the Cup Winners' Cup quarter-final and Whiteside was about to find out why European nights are part of Old Trafford folklore.
Roger Whiteside, the North East firm's chief executive, said it is "really important" that Greggs takes a modern approach to environmental issues.
13, 1939, in Montrose, Illinois, to Rolla and Thelma Nicholson Whiteside. He married Ruth Tasker and they had three sons, Thomas, TJ and Thad.
Boss Roger Whiteside said they were urging customers with allergies to ask staff for advice or to check information on their website.
Something you probably don't know about James Whiteside is that he's a master of Super Smash Bros.