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 (wīt′wô′tər, -wŏt′ər, hwīt′-)
n. also white water
Turbulent or frothy water, as in rapids or surf.
adj. also white-water
Of, relating to, intended for, or taking place on whitewater, especially in river rapids: whitewater rafting.
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Noun1.whitewater - frothy water as in rapids or waterfallswhitewater - frothy water as in rapids or waterfalls
foam, froth - a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid; "the beer had a thick head of foam"
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From Whitewater rapids to serene floats, these river adventures are made for summer: sunset.com/rivertrips.
The River Tay offers everything from whitewater rapids to gentle touring, while the River Isla and the River Earn are more easygoing.
That original vision has now evolved into a $45 million project to re-create 9,400 feet of whitewater rapids, waterfront parks, and 12 acres of limestone bedrock shoals.
Menon fired back by saying, "If this story is not fake news 6 if Prince Harry is really second-guessing his bride's fashion sense 6 he is not 'perhaps sailing toward dangerous marital waters.' He is on Jet Skis and getting dragged by a cigarette boat at 80 knots toward the whitewater rapids of looming divorce."
Infinity Falls, inspired by South America's rainforests, will be a twisting, four-minute ride on a jungle river with intense whitewater rapids. An elevator will lift each eight-passenger raft, then launch it into the river with a 40-foot drop.
Reading Whitewater rapids is relatively easy, because you can see the features like tongues, reversals, eddies, standing waves, breaking waves and lateral waves.
Navigating the Whitewater Rapids of Entrepreneurial Success: Leading Small Business Growth
Ultimately, the best ESS programs will make students comfortable with turbulence in the same way that river rafters feel at ease jostling through whitewater rapids. Too much of today's ESS education trains students to perform in predictable, small-scale environments.
Grass of Davis Grass Goldstein and Finlay of Ontario, California, the lawsuit claims the family was assured the trip was safe, as advertised on the company website that touted float trips for ages 3 to 103, and that the trip would not include whitewater rapids. As a result of the drowning, the family members suffered from severe emotional distress and mental anguish, including nightmares of attempting to clutch Sharon Hughes to prevent her drowning.
They were able to take their pick from the whitewater rapids snaking through lush green valleys juxtaposed by dusty hills.